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Mainseek IT Software Development founded in 1998

Mainseek WEB Products :

Bildero.com Image server is the latest product of Mainseek. It has been created basing on our long experience in making image oriented projects like social networks or online shops. According to the principle “one photo instead of 1000 words” e-commerce application operates only one source of given product without limits on the size of the image. Internet users have the zoom in and product analysis options. This way an online shop may use images of the highest quality which means more clients and bigger profits. Read more info about Dynamic Image Server BILDERO.com or look on integration with magento Demo Shop

Autocomplete – a very effective tool for suggesting words from previously stated set of words. It operates in many languages simultaneously, it does not require the use of a separate database, has easy way of integration, and there is a possibility of search results filtering.
Scache Static Cache simple proxy server , enriched with mechanism of data caching in the memory and the ability of load balancing. This solution enables much more efficient work of the internet services, improving their stability, and decreasing expenditures on the servers.

Mainseek WEB Developmenet:
We’re proud of helping following companies to establish business in internet: Netmoms.de (Mother Community), Erdbeerlounge.de (Women Community), WebNews.de (News Community), Sectorpages.com (B2B, B2C), ZaaBiz (Australian Social Community), Deutsche-Startups.de , Darmowe Ogłoszenia Ojej.pl classifieds system Książki
Latest project launched:
www.yp.pl - Yellow Pages
Studia Podyplomowe - Studia Podyplomowe
B2B Supplier Search
Wnioski unijne
Social Marketing
BitDom - IT Agency
Adres Lekarza - wyszukiwarka
Wyszukiwarka samochodowa

Netmoms - Magazin section

The NetMoms has been enriched with new section - Magazin. By clicking on
this tab users can find many interesting articles which are divided

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